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About us: provides a secure ‘cloud-based’ platform with an easy-to-use mail management system for both end users and mail operators. This is accomplished through MPC proprietary software Vmailbox & Vmailroom which converts incoming mail & parcels into instant digital format with smart mail-alert system. Users can view and manage their mail items on their desktop, tablet or mobile devices on the go and instruct their mail operator on their preferred action via their personalised Vmailbox. With customised pricing solution for individual mail operators, it enables commercial ‘virtual address’ providers to offer online mail management services along with other ancillary office services to their customers. The innovative mail-system is a springboard of Singapore based SnapMail Boxes with proven mail management business concept since its inception in 2015. Known for its reliability and speed as a ‘mail & parcel’ provider, it earned the trust of local and overseas users from all parts of the world. aims to expand internationally with new operators joining the MPC global network and for new users to enjoy the benefits of ‘virtual’ mailbox address.

Meeting the needs of business & personal users:

To maintain a sustainable ‘low-cost’ private address provider model, a variety of volume-based price plans and service options are made available to suit different needs. Registration, self-renewal and payment can be done fully online at their convenience. All incoming mail items are photo-shot and sent to user’s exclusive Vmailbox with mail alert. Open-mail scan is optional and is very popular with frequent travellers who can view their incoming letters instantly in digital format. Once received, user can print, archive or reply the mail operator with instruction to re-forward, trash or to simply self-collect. User has the option to hold their mail items with the operator when out of town. In addition, many mail operators do provide other basic office support services such as cheque deposit or re-packing of parcels if required for re-shipment, etc. website is protected with SiteLock® and secured with world-class GeoTrust® SSL certification to encrypt sensitive data transmission and information.

Customer’s privacy is always our top priority.