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What is virtual mailing address?

It is similar to a PO Box at your local post office but with (MPC) address, it is personalised with mail-alert system, mail-scan, re-ship, re-forward services, etc. You can view all your incoming item ‘photo-images’ online with MPC Virtual-Mailbox.

Can I use the address for business or for online shopping?

Yes, MPC address is a physical ‘street address’. Postal PO Box cannot be used for business or online shopping.

How will my mailing address look like?

“Envelope template” is shown on the webpage of the selected location.

Is ‘Suite number’ mandatory as part of the address?

Yes, it is a unique identifier for your mail items. Suite number is optional for business letters.

Can a foreigner apply for a business or personal mailing address?


Can I use the address for my business letter-head and stationery?

Yes, you can after your account is activated.

Is there desk or meeting room which I can rent or pay to use on ‘adhoc’ basis?

It depends on the location, please contact the mail operator for more information.

Can I add more companies or family members under the same account?

Yes, you can with ‘add-on’ options. Add-on fees are shown on the location page.

Can I change the company name or family members when I have add-on options?

Yes, you can email the operator with your account details and names to change.

Must I provide any ID identification to sign up for a mailing address?

Yes, ID verification is required for mail security.

Is my personal data and mail items secured?

All personal data are treated with strictest confidence. The website online portal and payment gateway are encrypted. All mail & parcels are handled in a secure and confidential manner.

Is ‘open-mail’ scan available and what are the charges?

Yes, you can select this option during registration. Please check location webpage for more details.

Will I get junk mail?

Only mail addressed to your name are scanned to you. Junk mail without your name is automatically disposed.

Can I get a phone number, fax number or live answering phone service?

It depends on the location you select. Fax number is shown on the location webpage, if any. Please contact the mail-operator for more information.

Is there any limit on the number of mail items I can receive.

Generally, no limit. Except for v4 plan, all plans come with first 10 incoming items are free each month. Please refer to location webpage for more pricing details.

Any limit on weight and dimension for parcels? What are the charges?

Parcel should not exceed 1meter-cube. There may be handling fees for over-weight and odd-size items. Please refer to location webpage for more details.

What is the refund policy?

New sign-up are guaranteed 70% refund of total amount paid within 30 days from registration. This is not applicable to v4 or one month plan.


How do I sign up for an account?

You can register online at your convenience. It takes only about 10 minutes.

What plans should I choose?

Each operator has different price plans to suite different needs. Please check location webpage for more information.

Can I pay monthly?

Payment is upfront, longer-term signup enjoy higher discounts.

What is the refundable deposit for?

This is for incidental charges such as over-size or overweight parcels. It will be refunded when the account is closed, less any outstanding.

What are the payment methods?

Different operator has different payment methods, subject to in-country regulations. Generally, bank transfer and cards are accepted.

Will I get a receipt of my payment?

User will get payment acknowledgement/reciept via email with card payment.

Is local VAT or GST included in the pricing?

Yes, they are included if any. Prices shown are in local currency.

Will subscription fee increase after I have sign-up and paid?

If payment is paid for the committed term, subscription fees are guaranteed the period.

How long does it take to get my address after payment?

It will usually be processed and activated within 24 hours after payment is made.


What are the operating hours?

Different operator has different operating hours. Please check location webpage for more details.

What is the cost of dispatch or delivery?

It varies on weight/size, destination and the courier service provider you select?

Which courier service do you use?

Different operators uses different service provider. Please check location webpage for more details.

Do you consolidate parcels, re-pack and reship to save on shipping cost?

Yes, on request by the user. Handling fees depends on time taken and material cost.

Can I arrange my own delivery to another address?

Yes, you can.

Can I arrange someone else to pick my mail items?

Yes, you can addon their names into your account or provide their ID details for verification.

How long can I store my mail items in the mailroom?

Letter is 3 months, standard parcel is 1 month. Extended storage is available with additional fees.


Can I transfer my mailing address from one location to another location?

Yes, this can be arranged.

How can I view my past transactions and payment records?

It can be viewed on your virtual mailbox ‘transaction & statement’ tab.

How can I renew?

Users can self-renew at their virtual mailbox account. You can change plan and select your preferred term before check-out.

Can I cancel my plan during the committed term?

Yes, refundable deposit less any outstanding due will be returned.